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4 Best Free Condolence Letter Samples

Free condolence letter samples are the need of today’s time because world is now a global village. A condolence is an expression of sympathy or kindness specifically on the occasion of death of an individual or sorrow to someone who has suffered a loss. A condolence letter is applied to express sympathy and compassion to another individual because one of their friend or relative has died recently. It is also known as letter of condolence or letter of sympathy. Due to their sensitive nature the letter should be written with the maximum discretion, delicate and sensibility. The basic purpose of these letters is to honor the life of the departed and to support the bereft. A complete condolence letters are those that come directly from heart with special flashbacks and some personal memories.

The letter can bring great solace to the bereaved and it gives strength to move on in their life. Sometimes two or three words full of sympathy and kindness may do wonder. Some basic confronting words which are usually used in condolence letters are, our deepest sympathy is with you, we are always with you, we care you, I pray for you, please control yourself, don’t feel hesitant to call me and many more. The condoling or sympathy phrases always make someone feel gratified and also feel good naturally.

Condolence letter Samples

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