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4 Best Recommendation Letter Samples

Recommendation letter samples are documents in which writer appraises the qualities, features, traits and capabilities of an individual being referred to perform a specific job. It is also known as letter of reference or reference letter. Generally these letters are written by the former employer, teacher, colleague, clients or by someone else who can refer an individual’s work or academic achievement. The aim of recommendation letter is to assert for skills, former performances, mindset, capacity and accomplishment of an individual being referred. For perfect recommendation letter a copy of job posting and their resume or curriculum vitae is also attached with the letter.

Generally letters are normally requested on an individual basis and mostly it is send to a hiring manager or admission officer to facilitate an interview of the applicant. Selecting the best person to write your letter of recommendation can be tricky some time so you need to make clear that the writer is someone who will take the work sincerely and also give some care to the given task. Over than that the writer must be someone who is familiar with your work and also verbalize directly to the quality of your work.

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