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5 Best Free Congratulation Letter Samples

Free congratulation letter samples or letter of congratulation samples are sent as an act of expressing happiness and pleasure at another individual success or blessing. These letters are written for a wide range of personal and business situations. The major function is to congratulate the individual for their magnificent achievement and make him/her believe that they have somebody around who cares. The congratulation letter must be brief, to the point, genuine, believable and sincere. The first sentence of the letter should state the reason for the congratulation and the paragraph must describe briefly to the point.

The congratulation letters are written immediately after hearing some good news about somebody because it is the best way of expressing your feelings on a success of an individual. It is also an important gesture that can make the recipient feel happy. The letter can be sent out in numerous occasions in our daily life such as congratulate for graduation, new home, new job, job promotion, retirement, engagement, marriage, new born baby, birthday, anniversary and many more occasions. Whenever you want to congratulate an individual or organization the letter needs to be genuine and must be able to touch the heart of the recipient.

Free Congratulations Letter Samples

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